In publishing we talk a lot about 'discoverability' but at the same time we seem happy to ignore the biggest, most popular, and easiest to use 'discoverability engine' that has ever existed.

If the publishing industry tried to invent a machine to help customers find and engage with their products, they'd probably come up with something that looks an awful lot like Google.

Google's mission is to match users' searches with the best quality content available on the web. Who has more quality content than publishers?

That said, as an industry, publishers on the whole seem to have been content to spend astronomical sums developing their websites and then leaving the success of the site's search profile almost entirely to chance.

This may have been fine in the days before digital delivery and the rise of Amazon but at a time when building direct relationships with customers has never been more important, can publishers really afford to ignore the easy wins and increased visibility offered by an effectively implemented SEO strategy?



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